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SAGE is a software company with over 35 years’ industry experience and they are aimed at providing businesses with world class management software solutions. It is a cloud based, off – the – Shelf, simple, easy to use and a secure system that manages a whole ACCOUNTING System. This software does not require any infrastructure cost for set up and business records could be accessed from anywhere at any time just like your mail boxes and bank accounts.

We train businesses be it start-ups, small and medium sized or well-established companies in using this one stop software.

Here is why your business needs SAGE BUSINESS CLOUD ACCOUNTING;

SAGE will create each of the company’s clients as a customer to allow E-invoicing & receipts, thereby increasing efficiency in billing and reduction of stationary cost.

The invoice will contain a payment link to allow swiftness of payment of service delivered to some customers.

Ensure that invoices are issued to clients on specific dates through programming

Company’s inventories are adequately tracked

Track ageing analysis of company’s debtors.

Manage vendor transactions and payment history.

Track running cost.

Automate bank reconciliation to ensure no payment is missed.

Produce sophisticated reports including Profit & Loss, Statement of Financial Position & Cash Flow Statement in real time.

Budget set up and many more.

Feel free to contact us for more information on SAGE BUSINESS CLOUD ACCOUNTING.


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We are a multi-disciplinary industry practice firm. Our clients benefit from our enhanced knowledge of their industry. We know how their markets work and what their issues are.
Our faculty is composed of professionals with varied experience in management, accounting, assurance, corporate finance, risk consulting, forensic services, tax consulting, human resource consulting, and public sector advisory, valuation. We are well groomed to provide our clients with professional services and know-how to win in the market place.
We are passionate about what we do. Seeing our clients succeed gets us very excited and so we pour in a healthy mix of passion, energy and love in walking with our clients to achieve their desired objectives.
Our services are affordable. We are mindful of the fact that every business requires every dime as working capital. We have therefore priced our services appropriately as partners in progress.

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Industry Knowledge
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