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This is the core tool which enables business ideas and risks to be estimated in a cost-effective way and make major business decisions to get perfect solutions. It is aimed at representing the economic performance of a business entity.

At OMA, we assist our clients in;

Forecasting: Setting of financial goals.

Setting of financial Plans.


Monthly business assessment to ensure our clients is meeting up with the goals they set for themselves, or how to know quickly recover from deviation or a business loss before it’s too late.

Merger and acquisition

Project finance

DCF Modelling

Venture Capital

IP Valuation- Option Based Method

IP Valuation- Market Based Method

Ratio Analysis


Asset Allocation

Qualitative Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis

Revenue Driver.

With OMA, your business enjoys;

Availability of financial information for decision making to take strategic advantage.

Flexibility; we make extensive changes to models within few hours.

Efficiency of our models.


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We are a multi-disciplinary industry practice firm. Our clients benefit from our enhanced knowledge of their industry. We know how their markets work and what their issues are.
Our faculty is composed of professionals with varied experience in management, accounting, assurance, corporate finance, risk consulting, forensic services, tax consulting, human resource consulting, and public sector advisory, valuation. We are well groomed to provide our clients with professional services and know-how to win in the market place.
We are passionate about what we do. Seeing our clients succeed gets us very excited and so we pour in a healthy mix of passion, energy and love in walking with our clients to achieve their desired objectives.
Our services are affordable. We are mindful of the fact that every business requires every dime as working capital. We have therefore priced our services appropriately as partners in progress.

Our Key Indicators

Industry Knowledge
100% Complete (success)
Professionalism and Technical Competence
90% Complete (success)
95% Complete (success)
100% Complete (success)