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This is a product where professional accountants render account support services to companies periodically at an affordable premium.

We developed this product as a result of research conducted that, the success of every organization is dependent on the structure of its account department. It was deduced that majority of businesses are yet to standardize their account processes due to some factors like size of the organization, cost management, business development stage, etc. Some of these factors have impacted businesses in ways such as, paying huge amount as taxes, penalties and consultancy fees to resolve tax issues, improper record keeping which makes it difficult to determine the business financial health status because, where a company ought to employ two (2) professional accountants to manage its financial affairs usually employs one (1). As a result, the accountant is saddled with many responsibilities which invariably have a negative impact on the business.

At OMA Accounting, our quest is to help provide a lasting solution to the challenges by ensuring that businesses have access to professional accountants at a minimal fee through flexible work pattern. We perform functions relating to accounting / bookkeeping, treasury management, financial reporting, statutory & regulatory compliance, determination of account payables and receivables, inventory management, internal audit, payroll, bank reconciliation or as required by companies at affordable monthly fee

This product will benefit your esteemed organization in the following areas:

Ensure that your organization operates towards achieving its goals.

Assigned responsibilities will be discharged through due diligence and professionalism.

Strengthens internal controls within your organization.


Ensures statutory compliance of all regulations.

Insurance cover to protect against errors and omissions.

Eliminates issues with shortage of Account personnel within an organization.

Provides cost savings to organizations, thereby having more funds to be diverted for business growth.

To test the effectiveness of this product, you will be given a discount rate of 20% for the first month.

Please note that, your esteemed organization will be serviced by professional accountants whose identity could be verified from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).


Are you looking to engage OMA? We at OMA will be excited to have you on board our success journey. We would be pleased if you could take a minute to fill our request form so as to help us in handling you to the necessary department.

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We are a multi-disciplinary industry practice firm. Our clients benefit from our enhanced knowledge of their industry. We know how their markets work and what their issues are.
Our faculty is composed of professionals with varied experience in management, accounting, assurance, corporate finance, risk consulting, forensic services, tax consulting, human resource consulting, and public sector advisory, valuation. We are well groomed to provide our clients with professional services and know-how to win in the market place.
We are passionate about what we do. Seeing our clients succeed gets us very excited and so we pour in a healthy mix of passion, energy and love in walking with our clients to achieve their desired objectives.
Our services are affordable. We are mindful of the fact that every business requires every dime as working capital. We have therefore priced our services appropriately as partners in progress.

Our Key Indicators

Industry Knowledge
100% Complete (success)
Professionalism and Technical Competence
90% Complete (success)
95% Complete (success)
100% Complete (success)